artists never return home / all artists return home always

steadily adding to the “big piece of writing” in both notebooks and on computer – i’m not anticipating sending portions out for review/etc for a while, but it’s getting seriously longer, which is nice


working on some non-fiction stuff too. new book review posted soon – will post link when it’s done!


I read Cormac McCarthy’s first novel:

which was published back in 1965, which is kind of crazy because McCarthy published The Road in 2006, more than forty years later, and during those forty years he wrote/published tons of other awesome books.  Pretty gnarly and hardworking dude.

As for the book, I loved it like I do all stuff by the author, and am now kind of torn about where to go next in his catalog of novels: delve deeper into Appalachia-era McCarthy, go back to Southwest/Texas-era McCarthy, or just re-read Blood Meridian ?  As always, I’m leaning towards the last one.


I also read this guy:

and although I bought it originally for the cover art by Chuck Sperry, I really enjoyed the actual text as well, and about a third of the way through I had lots of trouble putting it down I was so caught up in the pretty enthralling/exciting story.

If you’re interested, there is an outrageously long article on the author Charles Bock here at the NYT.




Also, like a month ago, but I forgot to blog about it, I went to a JAPANTHER show with some friends, and it was mind-blowingly awesome, and yeah, just see them if you get the chance, which chances are you will since they’re constantly touring

video by Lila Burns 2009 @CALARTS