Two Poems

Marlin Eye (Salem)

He wasn’t one for this whorl
of glass pins and mufflers and
under used languages, just rode
thousands of miles on a beat up Harley
through the corn and alfalfa that Summer
of Looking Over Our Shoulders That Final Summer
Of Unextended Christendom of octopus daggers and
some gypsy girl torching the firmament with wing beats and
whiskey and parchment clawed through in the smoking dawn He

simply wasn’t one for this whirl, and if ever discovered
crashed out among the low stars it was only because
someone had nailed him up there.


Break Cables (Collar of Winter)

Those aren’t troll swords they must have been stolen
Today I noticed that my face looks like a mask it devoured him
From the inside you know Brooklyn’s just a thing
I like to think about and forget the Apocalypse Forty I’m
glad enough To live I reckon my worth by the log I crawled out of
I reckon my worth by the canaries I stole.