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summer in the sunny alleyways and little forests

My review of The Salt Ecstasies by James L. White was posted today at The Rumpus!  Check it out here , if yr feelin a book review.


The book is a re-issue of the original version published in 1982.  Graywolf Press is reprinting the original collection plus some previously-unpublished work and a new introduction.  Information on the July 2010 release is here!  Also, mad thanks to Rumpus poetry editor Brian Spears for the opportunity to review such a rad book!  He is here and here .


Me and J. finally finished our collaborative zine of poetry and illustrations!  I’ll do an in-depth post on this soon, but wanted to let everyone know, as I’m super excited about this guy.  And if you’re in SF, there are already some copies available at Needles and Pens in the Mission.

it was round now last year during the rains when

I’ve been doing lots of writing, including a couple new poems now in submission queues, a couple short-short stories now in submission queues, and I’m still polishing the longer ones. Let me know if you want to read anything!


I bought the latest issue of ZYZZYVA at Needles and Pens a few days ago and read it and it was unquestionably the best literary journal I’ve ever read, by far.

It is utter and complete destruction.  I can’t wait to submit a story to them someday.  If you’re in the Bay Area, it’s available at tons of bookstores; check out a copy!


Finished this guy today:

which was predictably amazing.  Cormac McCarthy is rapidly becoming maybe my “favorite” living author.  So far this year I’ve also read The Road and Blood Meridian, and I’m really excited to read the rest of the Border Trilogy now.  Also, i’m always on the lookout for a used copy of The Orchard Keeper, his first novel.  These seem to be pretty rare though, so next up is probably re-reading Blood Meridian.


Meanwhile, in Lawrence, Asteroid Head brings the St. Patrick’s Day heat/weirdstuff:

Hyped to see some photos from their recent trip to SXSW!


Bought this like a long time ago and have had it in constant rotation forever:

Perfect music to write or read to.  Planning on either picking up Silver next or diving headlong in Justin Broadrick’s extensive back catalog and maybe buying a Godflesh album or something.


This guy (that is to say, Sam Owen) is now a contributor at the un-google-able Forty Eight Hours In A Day blog, which seems super rad so far.

Check it out here!  I still miss the days of The Aim Was Song, though…

red brick chimneys and pigeon colored roofs

I put together a top ten albums of 2009 list a couple weeks ago for the “customer favorites” at Aquarius Records, and thought I might at as well share it on here too:

Favorites of 2009:
Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough
Girls – Album
DOOM – Born Like This
Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer
Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong
Mount Eerie – Wind’s Poem
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – S/T
The Horrors – Primary Colours
Wavves – Wavves
Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

Other 2009 records I really really liked:
ducktails – backyard
grand lake – nevermint EP and louise EP
true widow – true widow
sun araw – heavy deeds
deerhunter – rainwater cassette exchange
sun 0))) – monoliths and dimensions
raekwon – only built for cuban linx… pt. II
xeno and oaklander – sentinelle
bill callahan – sometimes i wish we were an eagle
blank dogs – under and under

Word. Other news: recently started a book by Sam Shepard; more on that later; also been spending lotsa time still looking at photos/art online, which led me to re-visit one of my favorite spots in SF that I actually hadn’t been to in months and months, Needles and Pens
They’re a really great shop filled with DIY goods, interesting zines/books/journals/artwork, and even a rad gallery with monthly rotating exhibits.  The folks who work there are great too, and even have carried some of my poetry zines for a while!  There are still copies of ‘Serious Culture Bastards’ on the shelf, which I think I photocopied in like June… not selling too well apparently!!

Anyway, they have lots of especially good stuff now, and I had a big list of to-buy stuff including the new issue of Cometbus, the Sandy Kim photo book, and an issue of Scam, but I settled on On the Lower Frequencies, the recent book by zine-guy/writer Erick Lyle.  I’ve read a number of his articles in the Chronicle and heard some NPR podcasts and am super hyped to check out the book!

In terms of writing I’ve been getting a lot done in terms of material for larger pieces, and also have some stuff in submission queues at websites/journals, so as always if you’re interested shoot me an email and I’ll forward the latest along.  Bigger update soon!