December 20

The Dirty Pond, a small lit / art review based in New Haven CT, recently picked up a short story of mine which went up on their website last week, along with some rad artwork/prose from other contributors.  Check it out here!

My friend Sean Croft, who needs no introduction (although it must be mentioned that he is known by some for his work with A Born Idler as “the Lou Reed of the South”) has been recording/performing in Europe lately, and he’s put a bunch of awesome new music up at his website here!  Definitely worth checking out.  Additionally, Sean’s started a blog to post writing-excerpts/thoughts/hilarious “year end lists,” which is here.  Word.

My friend J bought me a copy of this guy:

for an (early) x-mas present, and I’ve been reading it during spare moments.  Currently about halfway through (just finished the interview with Murakami.)  Some super interesting insights in there for sure; I think my favorite parts so far are Jonathan Lethem talking to Paul Auster (I’m a fan of both Fortress of Solitude and NY Trilogy) and also the interview with Edward P. Jones where he throws down a quote to the effect of “when I’m writing I think about only one reader.  Myself.” which is hella awesome.

I’ve also been re-reading some of William Blake (Marriage of Heaven + Hell and Urizen, so far) but full report on that later.

In closing: records!