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left here a couple months ago

A new story of mine was just posted at Monkeybicycle- check it out here! Big thanks to Jessa and everyone at MB!


I also did a writeup of Just Kids by Patti Smith that’s now up at The Rumpus.  That book was so sick- get a copy as soon as you can!


I recently got to see one of my favorite bands of recent memory, Wolves in the Throne Room, in a soul-destroying live show along with rock legends Earth.  Pretty once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Full writeup coming soon, maybe sent somewhere, not sure yet…  summary for now: spiritual experience.


Been reading a lotta zines lately, including recent issues of Doris, no gods no mattress, Scam, and Cometbus.  Always good times.  The latest Cometbus is especially rad and includes some great short stories.


Picked this guy up last week and have been listening to it a lot:

Genghis Tron is very similar to a power-electro version of Converge, or something.  Highly recommended!  I’m excited to pick up their newer album, Board up the House, if I ever see it anywhere, ha ha.

and days grow longer steadily

Here is a quote from my favorite poem that I have read in some time:

One afternoon Rashad
broke the collar of midnight,
streaks of a Norfolk street
running down
his face.

from R. Dwayne Betts, “Dear Augusta,” The Collagist, January 2010.

The full poem is here.  Check it out!

Betts’ website is here.


I’ve got four short story drafts that I’m editing right now in preparation for submitting to some new journals.  Each one is ~1,500 words or so.  If you’re interested in checking them out, let me know!


tenderloin is the night blog is always rad.


Almost done reading Day Out of Days by Sam Shepard:

which is sprawling and beautiful, hits you very hard, and is often crushingly sad.  Really powerful writing in the form of short stories, really-short-stories, and poetry.  Since I am especially into stuff about the desert, it doesn’t hurt that lots of this is set in the Southwest.  Worth checking out at yer library!


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Mr. Sam Owen shot a ton of photos at a bunch of art openings in SF a few weeks ago, and posted a show writeup as well as tons of snaps at Fecal Face Dot Com.  Check it out here!

New Writing! News! Photos! Show!

Above portrait of me by J.  Entitled “Eat More.”


Some news: Dogzplot picked up another of my flash fiction pieces, and I’ll link it up as soon as its live!

The ghost story I posted a while ago on this here website was recently featured on Fictionaut‘s recommended stories list, so that’s exciting.  On that subject, I have a Fictionaut account set up these days, which is here.


On another note, if you haven’t swung by artist and photographer Sam Owen’s website lately, check it out!! There are always lots of great new projects and photos posted.  Examples of mind-wreckingly awesome photos:



Stay tuned for some updates to the structure of this site (I’m planning on putting in seperate pages for published/unpublished stuff, etc) and also some more PHOTOS OF THINGS LIKE BOOKS OR CD’S soon!

Lastly, Mr. J and I recently saw the band Girls live in concert, and I’ve gotta say that it was mind-blowingly like, sad.  I felt like crying for a lot of the setlist.  Christopher Owens seems like a very, very sad guy.  Most emotional/(best?) show I’ve been to, ever.