by Nate

I finished a little one-sheet zine today called “hold.”  It’s got 4 sections/pages of text on one side of the paper, and there’s a secret full-page illustration on the other side.  Get at me next week for free copies!


( free life journal #2 by mark warren jacques & seth neefus )

I photographed a bunch of zines in my collection and uploaded them into a set here.


( photos by wonder fair )

Lawrence, KS gallery/shop Wonder Fair recently opened a gnarly group show of prints and other multiples.  There is very cool and affordable work by a ton of artists, including Bay Area favorites Mildred and Pacolli!  Check out the whole photoset of the opening here (cowan’s gap zine makes a small cameo in the above), and check out Wonder Fair’s online shop for editions of the work in the show.