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Cowan’s Gap zine #4 is now available in store and online at Quimby’s Books in Chicago.

As always, huge thanks to Quimby’s for carrying our zines since issue number one.


I wrote a new short story for Certain Demise, the latest collaborative zine by Team Punchbag.  My story is called “Rail Year”, and it’s alongside a bunch of rad work by other writers and artists, including an illustration by Sammy Owen.

The zine will be available at APE in October, and elsewhere; more info here.

Very big thanks to Team Punchbag for running this really fun project, and for inviting me to participate.

I reviewed Cath…

I reviewed Cathy Park Hong’s Engine Empire here at The Rumpus.

Thanks to poetry editor Brian Spears, & everyone at The Rumpus.

A few new piece…

A few new pieces of ‘Stronghold’ are posted here.


Cowan’s Gap #4 is finished, and in stock at Needles & Pens and RVCA in San Francisco.

More photos here.

A new short sto…

A new short story is up here at The Rumpus (third from bottom of page).

Thanks to the Rumpus crew & Susan for editing.

I’m posting an…

I’m posting an ongoing series of work called ‘Stronghold’ here.