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Am super hyped; some of my writing just went up at a couple of hella cool journals!

First, a poem appears in the first issue of So and So Magazine, a new project from the organizers of the So and So reading series and publishing imprint in Raleigh, NC. The other work in the issue is super rad, and the web design is nightmarishly cool/classy as well; check it out here!

Second! A short story of mine was published in the latest issue of the always-hardcore Dogzplot Flash Fiction, alongside some really killer other work. Definitely check out the new issue! I think my piece is the longest one I’ve had published so far… which might mean… something.

In other news, the performance-art/print-making/gnar-event-planning collective known as ASTEROID HEAD ART CLUB just put up a rad new website!

I first heard about these dudes through Sam Owen’s photo-essay of their July 4th art-happening out in the wilderness, AKA Summer Camp:

Definitely check out the whole photo set here… pretty insane.

There’s been lots of other stuff going on too – new music – new shows – new books, etc, but I gotta run, so will leave ya with this cassette which is playing right now:

Robedoor – Raiders . such great psych/drone wildness.  This one in particular is sold out, but look for upcoming stuff at their ill LA label, Not Not Fun!

…speaking of which, can’t wait for the new Magic Lantern LP… okay really going now!

Update Update


First off, a flash fiction piece of mine, “Catacomb Efreet” (kind ridiculous very ridiculous title) just went up at Dogzplot. Check it out here! Also mad thanks to Dogzplot editor Barry Graham for his advice on revisions for this piece.

Also, I set up the domain with this here site, so if you want to change your bookmark to something shorter go for it!! The URL still works too.

Writing stuff: I’m actually really excited about a couple of the things I’ve been working on this past week. I finished two new longish (~30 lines each) poems that I’m going to start submitting this week, and also a good chunk of raw material for maybe a novella maybe some short stories, who knows. But I’m hyped on it! Shoot me an email or whatever if you’re interested in checking any of this out.

Reading stuff: I haven’t been reading too much since been focusing on writing (and riding my bike more), so I’ve been working on this guy for the past lil bit:

So far it’s a pretty weird/cool mix of “cyberpunk” and “sci-fi” whatever the difference really is, and the world created by Mieville is damn interesting.  I’m not very far in as of yet.  Will give longer (read: shorter) review soon!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you didn’t see it yet on the front page of Fecal Face, Sam Owen recently put together a really awesome flash Web ‘Zine of original art from a clutch of different artists.  It’s packaged in a really sick multimedia presentation (it’s like the flash version of a moleskine with different work pasted/taped in. must see!!) and you should check it out here on Sam’s site.  Takes a bit of time for the flash to load but totally worth it!

A couple still images from the ‘zine:


And finally.  As you might know from my twitter I’ve been listening to this record pretty much non-stop for the past week:

Perfect for writing and/or working.  Together with their new album Tarot Sport which I picked up a few weeks ago, I’m becoming quite a Fuck Buttons fan.

Also.  If you’re not following @BARRR yet on twitter I would heartily recommend it.  Constant stream of hilarious updates and also gnarly artwork.

Um and finally for no real reason just wanted to throw out there that I recently bought a Civilian bag from Reload in Philly and it’s rad and can carry hella groceries and books and stuff.  OKAY END UP UPDATE.

New Writing! News! Photos! Show!

Above portrait of me by J.  Entitled “Eat More.”


Some news: Dogzplot picked up another of my flash fiction pieces, and I’ll link it up as soon as its live!

The ghost story I posted a while ago on this here website was recently featured on Fictionaut‘s recommended stories list, so that’s exciting.  On that subject, I have a Fictionaut account set up these days, which is here.


On another note, if you haven’t swung by artist and photographer Sam Owen’s website lately, check it out!! There are always lots of great new projects and photos posted.  Examples of mind-wreckingly awesome photos:



Stay tuned for some updates to the structure of this site (I’m planning on putting in seperate pages for published/unpublished stuff, etc) and also some more PHOTOS OF THINGS LIKE BOOKS OR CD’S soon!

Lastly, Mr. J and I recently saw the band Girls live in concert, and I’ve gotta say that it was mind-blowingly like, sad.  I felt like crying for a lot of the setlist.  Christopher Owens seems like a very, very sad guy.  Most emotional/(best?) show I’ve been to, ever.

Published piece! and some photos and music

In super exciting news, Dogzplot recently posted a piece of mine titled “Downtown” in their flash fiction section!  I really dig their layout/works-published, and am planning to continue to submit more short pieces there.  Check it out at Dogzplot 🙂

In other news, my friend J and I took a short trip to Santa Cruz to get some coastal-nature/peaceful-rest/out-of-the-city time, and this was pretty much the best trip I could’ve hoped for.  Reading writing and wandering around the coast.  Some snaps:






In terms of writing news, I’ve been hard at work on a new set of poems for submission.  The rejections have been steadily rolling in on my last batch, which (in a way) is good because when that is complete, I can post them all here!  Anyhow, I’ve got high hopes for the next batch: been focusing much harder on editing & tightness so maybe they’ll turn out rad.


Finally, I recently bought the ultra-essential Untrue album by Burial, and have been really really loving it.  This led me to a very interesting interview with the man himself at Hyperdub.  My favorite quotes:

“… I like Underground tunes that are true and mongrel and you see people trying to break that down, alter its nature. Underground music should have its back turned, it needs to be gone, untrackable, unreadable, just a distant light.”

“The moodiness made the tunes, not me. Now when I listen to them, they’re ramshackle, DIY and rolling but I know there is a thing trapped in them so that when I look back on them, even if its dry, I know when it was made, I know what was going on that day, its like stapling real life to the side of the tune.”

9: And the drawing on the front of the new album.

Burial: “I’ve been drawing that same one since I was little. Just some moody kid with a cup of tea sitting at the 24 hour stand in the rain in the middle of the night when you are coming back from somewhere.”

Full interview here.