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the photo issue

1. tenderloin is the night is back with a vengeance

2. rachel duffy is a ripper

3. serious jacob shreds the gnar

but forgotten, lost in old caves and desert caverns of the earth

I’ve been sending out more and more lit journal/website submissions, but haven’t heard back from anywhere since like November.  Hoping!

I finished reading Blood Meridian yesterday

which was an utterly mind-wrecking read.

I’d previously read McCarthy’s The Road, which I also really enjoyed, and which I saw as this kind of perfectly gaunt and streamlined vision/story that ended with a real banger of a paragraph that stayed with me for days.

Blood Meridian, in contrast, is an entire novel length “banger of a paragraph,” that is, the whole thing reads like some kind of insane Biblical-language fever dream, ultra-graphic and shocking violence, ultra-beautiful and terrifying descriptions of nature, and ultra-dense and hell-and-brimstone philosophical dialogue between extremely interesting characters.  I would highly, highly recommend it, and, if that’s not enough, Harold Bloom also totally digs it, calling it the best American novel ever, or something.  Super-worth a read.

Besides reading this guy, I’ve been very into looking at photos these past few weeks, especially some new joints from:

1. tenderloin is the night

2. mr. sam owen

3. mike brodie / polaroid kidd

And, even more than usual (since I’ve been working a ton), I’ve been listening to some new music.

1. Obsessed with Neurosis these days, and have recently bought three of their albums and one side-project LP… so far this is the one I’ve listened to most:

2. Look at those outfits:

3.  Have had this for almost a year, but only recently begun listening to it all the way through a lot. Really amazing record:

New Writing! News! Photos! Show!

Above portrait of me by J.  Entitled “Eat More.”


Some news: Dogzplot picked up another of my flash fiction pieces, and I’ll link it up as soon as its live!

The ghost story I posted a while ago on this here website was recently featured on Fictionaut‘s recommended stories list, so that’s exciting.  On that subject, I have a Fictionaut account set up these days, which is here.


On another note, if you haven’t swung by artist and photographer Sam Owen’s website lately, check it out!! There are always lots of great new projects and photos posted.  Examples of mind-wreckingly awesome photos:



Stay tuned for some updates to the structure of this site (I’m planning on putting in seperate pages for published/unpublished stuff, etc) and also some more PHOTOS OF THINGS LIKE BOOKS OR CD’S soon!

Lastly, Mr. J and I recently saw the band Girls live in concert, and I’ve gotta say that it was mind-blowingly like, sad.  I felt like crying for a lot of the setlist.  Christopher Owens seems like a very, very sad guy.  Most emotional/(best?) show I’ve been to, ever.