but forgotten, lost in old caves and desert caverns of the earth

by Nate

I’ve been sending out more and more lit journal/website submissions, but haven’t heard back from anywhere since like November.  Hoping!

I finished reading Blood Meridian yesterday

which was an utterly mind-wrecking read.

I’d previously read McCarthy’s The Road, which I also really enjoyed, and which I saw as this kind of perfectly gaunt and streamlined vision/story that ended with a real banger of a paragraph that stayed with me for days.

Blood Meridian, in contrast, is an entire novel length “banger of a paragraph,” that is, the whole thing reads like some kind of insane Biblical-language fever dream, ultra-graphic and shocking violence, ultra-beautiful and terrifying descriptions of nature, and ultra-dense and hell-and-brimstone philosophical dialogue between extremely interesting characters.  I would highly, highly recommend it, and, if that’s not enough, Harold Bloom also totally digs it, calling it the best American novel ever, or something.  Super-worth a read.

Besides reading this guy, I’ve been very into looking at photos these past few weeks, especially some new joints from:

1. tenderloin is the night

2. mr. sam owen

3. mike brodie / polaroid kidd

And, even more than usual (since I’ve been working a ton), I’ve been listening to some new music.

1. Obsessed with Neurosis these days, and have recently bought three of their albums and one side-project LP… so far this is the one I’ve listened to most:

2. Look at those outfits:

3.  Have had this for almost a year, but only recently begun listening to it all the way through a lot. Really amazing record: