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it was round now last year during the rains when

I’ve been doing lots of writing, including a couple new poems now in submission queues, a couple short-short stories now in submission queues, and I’m still polishing the longer ones. Let me know if you want to read anything!


I bought the latest issue of ZYZZYVA at Needles and Pens a few days ago and read it and it was unquestionably the best literary journal I’ve ever read, by far.

It is utter and complete destruction.  I can’t wait to submit a story to them someday.  If you’re in the Bay Area, it’s available at tons of bookstores; check out a copy!


Finished this guy today:

which was predictably amazing.  Cormac McCarthy is rapidly becoming maybe my “favorite” living author.  So far this year I’ve also read The Road and Blood Meridian, and I’m really excited to read the rest of the Border Trilogy now.  Also, i’m always on the lookout for a used copy of The Orchard Keeper, his first novel.  These seem to be pretty rare though, so next up is probably re-reading Blood Meridian.


Meanwhile, in Lawrence, Asteroid Head brings the St. Patrick’s Day heat/weirdstuff:

Hyped to see some photos from their recent trip to SXSW!


Bought this like a long time ago and have had it in constant rotation forever:

Perfect music to write or read to.  Planning on either picking up Silver next or diving headlong in Justin Broadrick’s extensive back catalog and maybe buying a Godflesh album or something.


This guy (that is to say, Sam Owen) is now a contributor at the un-google-able Forty Eight Hours In A Day blog, which seems super rad so far.

Check it out here!  I still miss the days of The Aim Was Song, though…

and days grow longer steadily

Here is a quote from my favorite poem that I have read in some time:

One afternoon Rashad
broke the collar of midnight,
streaks of a Norfolk street
running down
his face.

from R. Dwayne Betts, “Dear Augusta,” The Collagist, January 2010.

The full poem is here.  Check it out!

Betts’ website is here.


I’ve got four short story drafts that I’m editing right now in preparation for submitting to some new journals.  Each one is ~1,500 words or so.  If you’re interested in checking them out, let me know!


tenderloin is the night blog is always rad.


Almost done reading Day Out of Days by Sam Shepard:

which is sprawling and beautiful, hits you very hard, and is often crushingly sad.  Really powerful writing in the form of short stories, really-short-stories, and poetry.  Since I am especially into stuff about the desert, it doesn’t hurt that lots of this is set in the Southwest.  Worth checking out at yer library!


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Mr. Sam Owen shot a ton of photos at a bunch of art openings in SF a few weeks ago, and posted a show writeup as well as tons of snaps at Fecal Face Dot Com.  Check it out here!

but forgotten, lost in old caves and desert caverns of the earth

I’ve been sending out more and more lit journal/website submissions, but haven’t heard back from anywhere since like November.  Hoping!

I finished reading Blood Meridian yesterday

which was an utterly mind-wrecking read.

I’d previously read McCarthy’s The Road, which I also really enjoyed, and which I saw as this kind of perfectly gaunt and streamlined vision/story that ended with a real banger of a paragraph that stayed with me for days.

Blood Meridian, in contrast, is an entire novel length “banger of a paragraph,” that is, the whole thing reads like some kind of insane Biblical-language fever dream, ultra-graphic and shocking violence, ultra-beautiful and terrifying descriptions of nature, and ultra-dense and hell-and-brimstone philosophical dialogue between extremely interesting characters.  I would highly, highly recommend it, and, if that’s not enough, Harold Bloom also totally digs it, calling it the best American novel ever, or something.  Super-worth a read.

Besides reading this guy, I’ve been very into looking at photos these past few weeks, especially some new joints from:

1. tenderloin is the night

2. mr. sam owen

3. mike brodie / polaroid kidd

And, even more than usual (since I’ve been working a ton), I’ve been listening to some new music.

1. Obsessed with Neurosis these days, and have recently bought three of their albums and one side-project LP… so far this is the one I’ve listened to most:

2. Look at those outfits:

3.  Have had this for almost a year, but only recently begun listening to it all the way through a lot. Really amazing record:

Update Update


First off, a flash fiction piece of mine, “Catacomb Efreet” (kind ridiculous very ridiculous title) just went up at Dogzplot. Check it out here! Also mad thanks to Dogzplot editor Barry Graham for his advice on revisions for this piece.

Also, I set up the domain with this here site, so if you want to change your bookmark to something shorter go for it!! The URL still works too.

Writing stuff: I’m actually really excited about a couple of the things I’ve been working on this past week. I finished two new longish (~30 lines each) poems that I’m going to start submitting this week, and also a good chunk of raw material for maybe a novella maybe some short stories, who knows. But I’m hyped on it! Shoot me an email or whatever if you’re interested in checking any of this out.

Reading stuff: I haven’t been reading too much since been focusing on writing (and riding my bike more), so I’ve been working on this guy for the past lil bit:

So far it’s a pretty weird/cool mix of “cyberpunk” and “sci-fi” whatever the difference really is, and the world created by Mieville is damn interesting.  I’m not very far in as of yet.  Will give longer (read: shorter) review soon!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you didn’t see it yet on the front page of Fecal Face, Sam Owen recently put together a really awesome flash Web ‘Zine of original art from a clutch of different artists.  It’s packaged in a really sick multimedia presentation (it’s like the flash version of a moleskine with different work pasted/taped in. must see!!) and you should check it out here on Sam’s site.  Takes a bit of time for the flash to load but totally worth it!

A couple still images from the ‘zine:


And finally.  As you might know from my twitter I’ve been listening to this record pretty much non-stop for the past week:

Perfect for writing and/or working.  Together with their new album Tarot Sport which I picked up a few weeks ago, I’m becoming quite a Fuck Buttons fan.

Also.  If you’re not following @BARRR yet on twitter I would heartily recommend it.  Constant stream of hilarious updates and also gnarly artwork.

Um and finally for no real reason just wanted to throw out there that I recently bought a Civilian bag from Reload in Philly and it’s rad and can carry hella groceries and books and stuff.  OKAY END UP UPDATE.

New Writing! News! Photos! Show!

Above portrait of me by J.  Entitled “Eat More.”


Some news: Dogzplot picked up another of my flash fiction pieces, and I’ll link it up as soon as its live!

The ghost story I posted a while ago on this here website was recently featured on Fictionaut‘s recommended stories list, so that’s exciting.  On that subject, I have a Fictionaut account set up these days, which is here.


On another note, if you haven’t swung by artist and photographer Sam Owen’s website lately, check it out!! There are always lots of great new projects and photos posted.  Examples of mind-wreckingly awesome photos:



Stay tuned for some updates to the structure of this site (I’m planning on putting in seperate pages for published/unpublished stuff, etc) and also some more PHOTOS OF THINGS LIKE BOOKS OR CD’S soon!

Lastly, Mr. J and I recently saw the band Girls live in concert, and I’ve gotta say that it was mind-blowingly like, sad.  I felt like crying for a lot of the setlist.  Christopher Owens seems like a very, very sad guy.  Most emotional/(best?) show I’ve been to, ever.

some news

No big updates this week for this site, but I’m continuing to submit stuff to websites/journals that’s mostly new flash fiction (really short stories.)  Shoot me an email if you’re interested in checking out stuff that’s been submitted- there’s tons of it!

As for news, there’s a really great new post on the Poetry Foundation’s blog, Harriet.  It’s written by Edwin Torres and is just hella beautiful and cool.  Check it out here.

Artist and photographer Sam Owen recently took a road trip, which he documented with a bunch of new photos on his website.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out everything in the photography section of his site; my favorites are the instax essays, which are each shot around a certain theme.  Hella cool.