unedited spur-of-the-moment 12/11/2009

by Nate

OKAY so have a couple hours before going out into that rainy night so going to try this (again): just off-the-cuff kind-of write-what’s-in-my head.  Haha (?)  Here goes:

Who performed with a scarf over his face and mouth to obscure it? the scarf?  I hid behind a mic stand I’d modified with some cardboard I bought at Walgreens so it was a big old screen with some google-imaged Celtic knot drawings and Shakespeare lines scrawled on it – worth that extra money for the extra-thick Sharpies and the twenty dollar stereo headphones to play Def Jux or industrial noise records on the freezing walk over to the event-friendly bookstores and little literary bars.  Ultra-slashed copy of The Faerie Queen in the back pocket – honestly I had hoped for years that these jeans would rip enough so the author’s name was revealed when I was just chillin waiting for busses or riding my bike – and then it finally happened! like “one day I woke up and.”

And on that subject busses just run forever – there’s the owl and then the night owl and then the dead of night owl and then the that-new-moss-record owl and then it’s pretty much morning and the five o’clock rolls around again and you can ride this shit forever.  For like a dollar!  What is it about that repetitive electric riff.  I shadow boxed a little on the hill-climb to the yuppie shinto monastary.  Anyone else heard the clickety synthesizer alien noises that been popping up around Mission street in the early evenings?  On the under-construction sidewalks round the block from the noodle place that’s only open in the dead of night and has no door or lights or chairs to sit on so every order’s to go from a faceless chef in the night behind the counter with the howls of steam and occasional flash of cooking knives in the thick darkness?

That’s the street with the Turkish cafe!  With the scaffolding over the sidewalks and the walkway supports made out of green pipes that are always tattered with flyers like fell-off pigeon feathers!  You seen that bank that just got built there?  It’s like from the wachovia merger or something?  The front’s built out of raw pine or something so the damn thing creaks and drips like a ski lodge.  Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s like a porch or a wooden-beam balcony and a firebowl no doubt