cloud mist who lift over the trees and bridge cables

by Nate

A writeup I did of a Reginald Dwayne Betts poem was posted today at The Rumpus- check it out here! Thanks a bunch to poetry editor Brian Spears and everyone else at The Rumpus.


Last week I finished Happy Baby by Stephen Elliott:

which was shocking and depressing and almost impossible to put down.  I think I read it in two or three total sittings, each of which ran much longer than I had planned, and I was non-trivially late to at least one dinner because I completely lost track of time while reading the book.  Super direct and raw writing, very intense story, generally great all around.  Go grab a copy!  I’m also excited to read Elliott’s latest release, The Adderall Diaries, once the paperback comes out.


After weeks of listening to their music online via their myspace, I finally bought the new Blessure Grave album on CD and have been listening to it ever since, including, in fact, right now, and it’s awesome and ya should definitely check their stuff out!  Lots of free streaming tracks here.