zine is finally finished! and other news

by Nate

Cowans Gap issue number 1 is finally done! It’s got poems by me and illustrations/photo by J. MacQueen — full info is here.

If you’re in San Francisco, It’s currently available at Needles and Pens in Mission, soon to be available at RVCA in Haight Ashbury, and hopefully some more places soon! I’ll keep a full list of spots to pick one up at the zine page.  Friends get in touch re: trades/orders etc!

I’ve been really excited about this project for a long time, and am super happy with how it turned out. Get in touch if you’re interested in one; we’ll mail them anywhere!
Printer/illustrator/photographer Sam Owen just added some awesome new photo-transfer work to his website, including this guy:

which I’m hella diggin.  Check out the rest of the series here!


I read Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller:

which I really enjoyed.  Miller’s writing is like unbelievably sharp, so that whether he’s musing somewhat predictably about the grimy beauty of mid 20th century Paris or transcribing the insane ranting of a philosophical drunk, the prose itself is always raw and engaging.


Halfway through the Grove Press edition of Borges’s Ficciones:

which is also great!  I’m hoping to finish this one soon, but have been reading pretty slowly/methodically because 1. I’m also reading a new poetry collection review @ The Rumpus and 2. Borges’s stories, while super short (sometimes only 2 pages) seem to require almost a meditation-level of concentration while reading and reflection after reading.  Really great writing.


And finally, I bought this the day after it came out, and have been listening to it ever since: