Nate East

I posted an excerpt from the upcoming Cowan’s Gap #4 here.

Two new poems in the Other Work section.

I reviewed Sandra Gilbert’s Aftermath here at The Rumpus.

Thanks to poetry editor Brian Spears, & everyone at The Rumpus.

New poem in the Other Work section.

My review of Rane Arroyo’s poetry collection White as Silver is up here at The Rumpus.

Thanks to Rumpus Poetry Editor Brian Spears and everyone at The Rumpus.

A new very-short story is up at The Rumpus here, as part of their “Rumpus Readers Report” series.  Mine is the third story from the top of the page.

Thanks to everyone @The_Rumpus and to Susan Clements for editing this series!

Cowan’s Gap issue #3 is in stock at Needles and Pens, RVCA in SF, and Quimby’s, and each of these spots has copies of issues #1 and #2 as well.


I posted a new essay called “Five Rad Zines” here.  It’s a few short write-ups and photos of art and lit zines I’ve recently enjoyed, and it’s been chillin’ on my hard drive for a bit so I thought I’d share it.


I’ve been shooting a ton of photos lately.


I’m currently finishing up first-drafts of a couple short stories and almost done editing a couple more.  Definitely get in touch if you’re interested in check ’em out!  Thanks.