Nate East

Issue #3 of Cowan’s Gap is done!  In stores + mailed this week.  More info here.

A new story of mine was just posted here at Dogzplot Journal.

Thanks a million to Dogzplot editor Barry Graham, both for checking out my new story and for helping me with revision suggestions on another piece long ago!

I finished a little one-sheet zine today called “hold.”  It’s got 4 sections/pages of text on one side of the paper, and there’s a secret full-page illustration on the other side.  Get at me next week for free copies!


( free life journal #2 by mark warren jacques & seth neefus )

I photographed a bunch of zines in my collection and uploaded them into a set here.


( photos by wonder fair )

Lawrence, KS gallery/shop Wonder Fair recently opened a gnarly group show of prints and other multiples.  There is very cool and affordable work by a ton of artists, including Bay Area favorites Mildred and Pacolli!  Check out the whole photoset of the opening here (cowan’s gap zine makes a small cameo in the above), and check out Wonder Fair’s online shop for editions of the work in the show.





We spent some time at Big Sur.


A new small piece of writing, “Hourglass Lens,” is up at the Northville Review .  Thanks Erin!

I posted the two remaining pieces in this series, “not you” I & II, at the Other Work page .


Recently been hella digging new photos by frickety fresh / rachel duffy / u000 / tenderloincloth


Cowan’s Gap issue #3 is probably coming out in early January 2011… more info soon!

News — 11/17


Rachel Duffy’s photo show “OPQRST” opened last weekend at Actual Cafe in Oakland.

Most of the work from the show, plus a lot more is up at Rachel’s website.  Check it out!

I shot some photos at the opening with my old camera and put them up here.


Just finished a batch of poems for submissions — mix of old and new stuff — email if you want a copy!


I added an Other Work page to this site, which I’m thinking I’ll use to post older stories etc.  I have one story up there so far.


news — 11/5

needles and pens is at the new york art book fair this weekend, nov. 5-7!

if you’re attending, definitely check out n&p’s unique selection of books and zines, including the new kyle ranson and daniel higgs morph traits book.

cowan’s gap issues #1 and #2 will also be available at the needles and pens table.


i’ve been listening to Blood Sea Dream, the new LP from oakland grunge/art rockers Grand Lake, all the time.

you can stream the whole album for free at their bandcamp page, as well as grab some free downloads of cover songs (Pete & Pete theme!!).

my favorite tracks from the album are Riderless Horse and My Father as a Forest Full of Trees, but the whole thing is rad and definitely worth a listen or two.

“i don’t believe in anything but you and me”


news — 10/18

mailed out a ton of zines over the past couple weeks, and handed a ton out in SF!  get in touch if you don’t have your copy of issue #2 yet.
working on a couple of short stories pretty hard — hopefully finished/edited in another week or so. stoked for these new ones.


new work by j. at tenderloin is the night , including a few of the original photos from cowan’s gap issue #2! check out the non-photocopied versions here.

new drawing series from sammy owen.  check out the whole series (my favorite is “Show…”) at his website!


rachel duffy just launched a new website for her photography!


photo from frickety fresh — my new favorite sf street art blog.


saw not one but two awesome art shows recently at needles and pens!

1. morph traits — daniel higgs and kyle ranson .

above photo from the raddest art blog, my love for you is a stampede of horses.  full photoset here — check it out!

2. knock knock — group show curated by KRETS.

more photos at my love for you blog!

i was especially stoked for this show because it had photos from phil elverum, one of my favorite musicians (the microphones, mount eerie) who is also a super sick photographer.  yee!


richard colman and ryan travis christian at guerrero gallery was mindblowing.  maybe my single favorite show of the year.

colman built this enormous stage structure out of intricately handpainted panels.  it was outrageously huge and you could go stand on it, and then death cheetah performed a musical set on the stage.  nuts town.


also caught mark warren jacques at gallery hijinks !

we loved his free life center show earlier this year at needles and pens, and super dug his current show as well! the artist also has a great website showcasing his work here.


read a bunch of excerpts from le morte d’arthur . gnar!

currently reading short story collections by isaac bashevis singer and haruki murakami.

and of course the new book collecting the first four issues of one of my favorite zines, Scam by erick lyle !


and lotsa new music!

neurosis – souls at zero

amebix – arise

deerhunter – halcyon digest

coliseum – house with a curse

wolves in the throne room – black cascade

christian mistress – agony and opium

clair cassis – s/t

fell voices / ash borer split cassette