News + Music + Books

by Nate


In honor of Halloween,  I posted a very short ghost story I wrote a few weeks ago below – scroll down to check it out!  “Aguilas Range.”  Additionally, one of my flash fiction pieces was accepted at The Northville Review, and will be posted sometime in the next few months.  I’ll link it up when it’s live.

I recently started reading Swann’s Way by our friend Proust, but took a quick break to discover, buy and read Shoplifting from American Apparel by Tao Lin, a 26-year old Brooklyn author, which led me to hella google Mr. Lin, read a bunch of interviews, and even peruse his children’s books site.  Lin is so interesting to me because it seems like he’s achieved a veritable “writer’s dream” at a very young age: through somewhat absurd(ist) publicity stunts but also a really interesting writing style, he’s managed to make a big enough name for himself that he now writes full time.  This is also very cool when considered through the whole death-of-print-death-of-lit-death-of-art lens.

tao lin

To summarize the above paragraph, I’ve been talking about nothing but Tao Lin for the past few days and I’m sure everyone’s sick of it.  Okay moving on.  Oh also his book is really good and you should read it.

In terms of writing I’ve got lotsa material, but all in submissions queue.  As always, if you want to read any of the new stuff please let me know!  I just don’t want to post it here, because some sites/journals count that as “already published.”

Finally, I bought these three albums over the weekend and have been loving all of them.  The Microphones one is especially notable for having, like all records and CDs from PW Elverum & Sun, amazing packaging with tons of cool photos taken by the musician. Word.

11352-the-glow-pt-2Tarot_SportNone_shall_pass_aes_rock*Note: gnarly new black-and-white photos by jess.