Kind of Mish-Mash Update

by Nate

I posted a small story here the other day, but took then took it down since I ended up using a piece of it for a submission. I’ll hear back soon though, and then I’ll throw it back up, WITH IMPROVEMENTS!

In the meantime here are some things I’ve been checking out lately:

1.  Miranda July‘s short story collection.  Very fun read, although I have to say that for the style of “hipster yuppie disaffected Berkeley vegan etc” fiction I probably prefer Tao Lin.  Very cool nonetheless.

mirandajulynoone-7208702.  This novel by Tao Lin.  It’s the second book I’ve read by him, and compared to SFAA (see previous post) it’s a lot funnier (I actually laughed out loud a couple times reading it) and also more intensely emotional.  Stylistically much more like a “novel” rather than a pure transcription of Tao’s thoughts.  Both are great.  Check ’em out!

eeeeand I’m currently reading an unbelievable short story collection by Richard Lange, which I’ll post a more in-depth thing on later, for sure.  Really devastating so far.  Devastating in a good way.  Also working through one of Bolano’s poetry collections.

And finally for some music I’ve been listening to a lot lately.  All recent purchases.  Click the albums if you’re curious!