Let the desert night swallow you up

by Nate

Top five things I learned during long bike rides thru forest:


Tenderloin is the Night – new photography blog with awesomely clever name and really rad photos.  Check it out!


Free the City blog has a wonderfully imagined aesthetic.  Bookmarked!


My friends in Grand Lake from Oakland have a new EP out and new music up at their Myspace.  Go listen!


I have been lately obsessed with Swamp Donkey’s Flickr page.  Amazing photos of freight hopping, forest exploring, and gnarly street art.  Check it out! My favorite section is the Medium Format photo-set.


Been re-reading a lot of Blake lately – specifically prophetic books stuff from Marriage of Heaven + Hell and Urizen.  The dude wrote truth on his soul and hands with firey diamond ink and dreamed mad visions of beauty and apocalypse.  Rad town.